Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

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Sports Psychology: Developing Elite Athletes from the Inside Out

Dr. Dan Trathen and his team are dedicated to developing professional athletes from the inside out. He has a 40 year career and a proven model and process that works with professional sport athletes, entertainment professionals and executives.

He consults with professionals across their entire career span, and has 25 years of experience working with those getting ready to enter their professional sports career, professional and retired athletes.  Investing in the development of the entire individual has a broad systemic impact, including significant risk mitigation for all stakeholders (athlete, agent, agencies & team).  He works with individual pro athletes, agents and teams that have a sincere interest in developing players across their entire life span.

Dr. Dan believes in and advocates for the hub and spoke model.  In this model, the player is the hub requiring many different people and services as spokes to keep the wheel of their lives and careers moving forward.  Many successful people realize that their success is due in a large part to those around them who invested into their lives. It’s about people investing in people to assist them to meet their short term and long term goals.  Dr Dan is one of the directors at Elite Sports Services and says, “I have observed and learned many things in my years of working with elite athletes.  One of these is summarized in a quote from Ralph Emerson “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”  The bottom line for any athlete becoming elite is to learn to overcome obstacles and to choose to master the next level.” (Dr Dan)

How he brings value to individuals in the hub and spoke model is delivered through professional coaching and collaborating with his team at Elite Sports Services (elitesportsservices.com).  Dr. Dan assesses plans, and then coaches according to the plan either in person or through telecoaching.  He includes an extensive coaching interview and assessments before the feedback, plan development and coaching phases.

If you are an elite, professional or retired player who wants to develop or redevelop your life and relationships from the inside out then give Dr Dan a call at 303.593.0575 vm 111, so that you can discuss your needs.  He and his team look forward to investing their life, education and experience into your life for a more satisfying future! It’s about providing you help for today for you to attain your goals tomorrow!