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Forgiveness: The Forgotten Solvent in Marriage

By Daniel W. Trathen, D. Min. Ph. D.

One of the most revealing aspects about the quality of a couples relationship to God is the way they react and respond to each others hurt, wrong behavior and attitudes. Each can carry anger, seek revenge, or complain and carry a grudge. However, the more a person […]

Keeping Mental Filters Clean in Marriage

By Daniel W. Trathen, D. Min. Ph. D.

I know when it is time to change our furnace filter. I begin to sneeze when the heat or air comes on. We are told to change these filters every month or so, but I confess that I get busy and forget. Likewise, the automotive industry recommends […]

Oneness: A Basic Biblical Theme in Marriage

By Daniel W. Trathen, D. Min. Ph. D.

The central Biblical theme of marriage is “Oneness.” In many ways two people enter marriage with separate identities. The challenge is to develop a “we” or an identity as a couple or a team in oneness. For all the promise and mystery of oneness, few couples seem […]

Issues & Events Conflict Model

By Daniel W. Trathen, D. Min. Ph. D.

Couples argue most often about the small, every day happenings of life. These are called Events in the lives of our relationships. Events often trigger feelings about the more important and deeper Issues in your relationship. Events can be anything that happens in life, such as a […]

Danger Signs of an Eroding Marriage

By Daniel W. Trathen, D. Min. Ph. D.

There are many patterns that scripture and marital research would suggest are harmful for relationships. Four key Danger Signs are one way to summarize these destructive patterns of communication and conflict management. While these specific patterns have been identified in sound marital research, they clearly overlap with […]