Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

10 Danger Signs of Depression

The National Association for Mental Health has compiled a list of ten danger signs identifying whether a person is suffering from depression. As you can see, many of these signals can be normal reactions to major changes in our lives.  Only when a person doesn’t bounce back, when the ability to function normally is impaired for long periods of time, is the problem considered clinical depression.  The ten danger signs are:

1.   A general feeling of hopelessness and despair which a person feels about several areas of their life.

  1. The inability to concentrate because a person’s thinking is preoccupied with their inner turmoil.
  2. A change in physical activities like a loss of appetite and sleep disturbances.
  3. A loss of self-esteem accompanied by continual questioning of self-worth.
  4. A withdrawing from others because of fear of rejection.
  5. Threats of suicide as a way out of hostile surroundings, stemming from a belief that life is hopeless and worthless.
  6. Over sensitivity to what others say or do along with general irritability.
  7. Mis-directed anger and trouble in handling most feelings. 
  8. Frequent guilt feelings arising from our assumption that we are wrong or are responsible for the unhappiness of others.
  9. Extreme dependence on other people, leading us first to feelings of hopelessness.  Then getting angry because of our hopelessness feelings.

There is no doubt about it, depression is very debilitating.  If you find yourself suffering from several of these     danger signs, call your family physician and/or call a professional like myself for a depression screening appointment. You may find that it will help you to clean your lenses.

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