Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Believe in Yourself

There are other self-motivators that will spur us to action.  We choose whatever motivators we need.  We don’t have to have many.  Let’s say that we procrastinate.  To cure that bad habit, all we need to do is repeat, “Do it now; do it now; do it now,” every time we are tempted to put something off until later.  Finally, it becomes a part of our mental attitude that will flash trough our mind when we have the urge to procrastinate and we will act on the suggestion.  This is the power of perception!

        The three essential ingredients I learned to program into myself for positive mental attitude and continued success started in a similar way to Bill Danforth’s, “I dare you”.  I clearly remember a teacher in college who believed in me even when I didn’t.  She saw something in me that I wasn’t seeing and challenged me to look at it.  She saw potential and nurtured it until it had grown enough so I could see it and nurture it.  I’ve nurtured it through taking inspiration and implementing it into action, through acquiring knowledge, and by being a student of life and seeking to obtain know-how and get things done when others thought they were not possible.  I no longer allow others to shape my future.  There is hope!  The same ingredients to success are available to you.  Start today to believe in yourself and take charge of your life.  Remember, there is great power in your perspective.

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