Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

A life transition can be positive or negative, planned or unexpected.

Some transitions happen without warning, and they may be quite dramatic, as in cases of accidents, death, divorce, job loss, or serious illness. Other life transitions come from positive experiences such as getting married, going away to college, starting a new job, moving to a new city, or giving birth to a child. Even though […]

Coping Skills During Life Transitions

Life transitions are often difficult, but they have a positive side, too. They provide us with an opportunity to assess the direction our lives are taking. They are a chance to grow and learn. Here are some ideas that may help make the process rewarding.


Accept that change is a normal part of life. […]

Managing Difficult Life Transitions

Life is a process of beginnings and endings. In both life and nature, there are times when things move slowly and don’t seem to change very much. Then, suddenly, things change quickly. Moving from August to September, the weather changes gradually at first, and then it seems that suddenly summer is over. It is the […]

Healing the Pain of Loss

There are not many of us who have been personally affected by losing a loved one, who can’t remember exactly where we were when we got the news that a famous person or a loved one had passed away. Grief is a normal, natural and appropriate response to loss. There surely is a time to […]

10 Danger Signs of Depression

The National Association for Mental Health has compiled a list of ten danger signs identifying whether a person is suffering from depression. As you can see, many of these signals can be normal reactions to major changes in our lives. Only when a person doesn’t bounce back, when the ability to function normally is impaired […]

Are You Suffering From Depression?

A man and his wife were traveling west and stopped at a full service gas station to fill up their tank. After the station attendant had washed their car’s windshield, the driver of the car told the man, “It is still dirty. Wash it again.” So the station attendant washed it again only to hear […]