Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Couples Intensive

Dr. Dan Trathen also offers a specialized and private mini, one or two day coaching times for a couple who prefers or needs a more intensive, focused coaching experience in a safe environment, while dealing with conflict and learning healthy communication. Couples who are interested in this approach must first register on the Client Login. Dr Dan prefers to talk to each couple personally before they begin filling out new client forms to assess what is best for the couple, and assure the couple is a “good fit” with the intensive approach.

Not everyone has the availability of a one or two day intensive couple coaching. Dr. Dan also does ¼ or ½ day mini-intensives either in his Parker, Colorado office or through HIPAA compliant video conferencing, encrypted email, and HIPPA compliant online forms and storage. His video conferencing system allows him to connect couples who are working or living in separate locations on the same screen at the same time using their own computer equipped with a camera and microphone. He can also do follow-up sessions using video-conferencing.

With 38 years of `experience, Dr. Dan Trathen offers assessment services to first discover a couple’s strengths and growth areas before tailor-making a counseling plan. Each plan requires the couple to do reading and homework assignments designed to assist them in their growth areas and transform changes into lasting ones. Couple assessments and a family history questionnaire are also used in establishing a Relationship Growth Plan for each couple.

Knowing what you need and what you don’t is important to Dr. Dan’s coaching. In seeking to uphold this important value he recommends first taking the Relationship Baseline Package. He then looks over the assessments for individual and couple strengths to utilize in couple coaching. These along with the variety of online questionnaires and information forms gives a clearer picture of the depth of the issues being experienced. Taking personal responsibility is important in gaining clarity to relationship issues. These beginning steps help to insure the couple is prepared before they start their mini, full day or two day couple intensive. They also insure that Dr. Dan has the information he needs ahead of time so everyone is prepared to start couple coaching immediately with planning out the time and focusing on the help needed. These intensives are designed for couples living together, not living together, married or separated. This is a popular couple service and times are limited. So, please call today to reserve your couple intensive time.

Premarital Coaching