Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Deflecting Conflict and Insults

Step1 Learn Verbal Karate;

Conflict is inevitable, but when you are caught off guard by a verbal side swipe, wounds can cut especially deep. Rude remarks may come from misguided efforts to enhance self-esteem by making others look bad. It may be a cry for attention, or generalized anger that is taken out on the nearest person, or it might be impossible demands for perfection and control. Attempts to understand others and requests for change may do little to stop these statements. When dealing with such potshots, it is necessary to take communication to a place where few people have traveled beforeā€”to learn a verbal karate that can neutralize the worst insult. Instead of responding to a verbal attack with an anticipated retaliation, defense, or withdrawal, a technique of deflecting conflict and insults gives you at least 7 ways to turn insults inside out.

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