Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Pro Sports Agents

Lee Iacocca once said, “The death nail on anyone’s resume is the inability to get along with people.

Let’s face it: Pro Sports is a big business. It is an entertainment business designed to make money and maintain relationships. As a professional sports agent, your clients make you, themselves, and their team’s money through their successful performance and teamwork – or they don’t get renewed contracts and increased salaries.

As people and contract managers, you are well aware that problems with professional players mean more problems for you. Issues like emotional regulation, poor decision making, and relationship dysfunctions can be very draining and debilitating on performance. The net result is more time spent by you in managing the crisis with the player, their families, the sports team, coaches and the press.

These issues can keep you up at night and diminish your lifestyle as well. Tarnished images equate to negative labels in the press and sports leagues, and can often lead to less leverage on your part in negotiating contracts that increase you and your client’s bottom line. The news flash for men is that they do not perform as well if their relationships at home are not going well. They carry the turmoil into their jobs and become preoccupied and distracted by it. The bottom line is lost productivity on and off the field. Your job just got harder.

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I need a personal coach for myself and my clients? My staff or I can coach them ourselves.” You may have been successful in averting a crisis, however, the potential for repeated and deeper issues remains. Without purpose or a plan more issues arise and the underlying reasons are rarely addressed. Teams need people with different skill sets. Your agency should function like such a team.

Dr. Dan’s life coaching process is a developmental one which builds on assessments and strengths. Whether it is individual or relationship challenges, he seeks to avert issues by coaching clients to be proactive and not reactive and to be a better team player in all areas of their lives. For 34 years he has been helping clients through their problems to a better, happier, more successful and prosperous life. He has seen professional players as clients since 1995.

Dr. Dan’s proven strategies and techniques have been developed through education, life experiences and professional experience of over 50,000 hours of one-on-one, couple, and family counseling and coaching sessions. He invests myself professionally and personally into every client, every session, and every situation to bring about desired results. Whether it is consulting with your agency regarding a client, or working with the client directly, or interfacing with coaching staffs, he treats people mindfully with this goal, “The mark of any true leader is their ability to manage themselves.”

The inverse is also true. Dr. Dan would like the opportunity to talk with you personally and dialogue about your agency and client needs. Call him directly at 303-593-0575 ext. 111.