Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach


It has been said that change is the only certainty in life. Learning how to manage change, be a change agent, and remain sane is a balancing act.

Today’s business leaders are faced with enormous challenges. Organizations live with continuous uncertainty, tentativeness, and worry. Many leaders avoid their long term strategies and expectations as they seek to survive in their intense daily and weekly lives. It is no news that this pace has a cascading effect in the executive’s life and relationships.

Steering the Course

Dr. Dan Trathen teaches clients to be internally purposeful in shaping their own actions, through focused thinking that enables them to stay on course. In times of chaos, we must all rely deeply on our own inner beliefs as an internal guidance system. Effective executive coaching can have a positive cascading effect on a leader’s personal and relational mental health. Satisfied and healthy executives have more longevity in any organization.

We first assess the executive to ascertain what aspects of their job and life are working well and what needs attention. This is done through any number of personality, quality of life, and leadership tools. A coaching plan is then developed that provides the leader with meaningful accountability and support in helping the leader make the needed changes. Effective executive coaching can be extremely helpful in assisting leaders in addressing specific skill deficits, enhancing performance, and growing into expanded leadership roles.

In addition to executive coaching, many leaders have found that Individuals coaching can make a tremendous difference in a leader’s performance and the performance of their organization.