Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Coaching for Organizations

Business Coaching services are offered to organizations to facilitate their mission. Without a deliberate plan of personal, professional, and team development, an organization can lose time, momentum, and valuable resources. In order to lead, people must first realize how to manage themselves, and then how to work through others to accomplish their common goals.

Dr. Dan helps leaders to understand themselves, the organization, and the organization’s identity, as well as its mission, vision, and strategies.

Business Coaching is a collaborative process facilitated by thought leadership gained over years of experience working for and with Fortune 50 companies and churches and organizations of varying sizes. Dr. Dan’s perspective and efforts empower organizations and churches to organically:

  • Regain and clarify vision
  • Rationalize interdependencies
  • Uncover and diagnose root causes
  • Improve processes and efficiencies
  • Assess and address cultural behavior patterns
  • Develop value chain and supply chain communities
  • Implement change aligned with core guiding principles
  • Identify and develop strategies for business survival and growth
  • Track and measure progress via critical success factors and key performance indicators

Typical outcomes from business coaching include more adept and dynamic organizations that are better positioned to proactively affect the marketplace by aligning stakeholders, value propositions, metrics and compensation. Organizational improvements in accountability, integrity, collaboration and commitment are all common by-products of the process.

Dr. Dan’s role is to augment an organization’s knowledge and capability in specific and focused engagements. As an outsider, he brings fresh perspective to stagnant challenges and organizations, and a core component of his value is the ability to offer alternatives based on his experience with other organizations.

Hallmarks of business coaching include:

  • We don’t have all the answers, and are wise enough to admit it.
  • Our models and methodologies encourage knowledge transfer to enable long term sustainability.
  • We speak with candor, in an open, honest and respectful fashion that increases transparency to the focus of the engagement.
  • The thought leadership we provide encompasses hindsight and foresight and thus enables proactive decisions ahead of developing industry trends.

Tenets of our engagements are:

  • Humility and respect energizes innovation.
  • While simple solutions are preferred, radical options are worthwhile to consider.
  • Assessment of strengths and opportunities supersedes consideration of weaknesses and threats.
  • Small wins nearly always precede bigger wins when appropriately communicated, recognized and rewarded.
  • Nearly every organization’s biggest asset is their people and the intellectual property they take home every night.