Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Solution-Focused Consultation

For organizations, businesses, and churches, Solution-Focused Consultation (SFC) is an encouraging, challenging, and supportive process that helps teams to define, clarify and achieve their goals in a certain area of tension or development.

Dr. Dan assists the organization in walking through different pathways, with a focus on the end result. It is practical as well as time sensitive, with responsibility placed on the client to follow through with directed and scheduled assignments as they invest themselves in achieving their own solutions.

What Types of Problems does SFC Address?

Solution-Focused Consultations are an effective way of helping organizations solve many kinds of problems, including employee performance, relationship problems, and other issues. They focus on the process of change rather than on dissecting the problem. The SFC’s job is to help organizations transform troubling issues into specific goals and an action plan for achieving them.

When Should You Hire a Consultant?

A professional consultant has the perspective to help you cut to the chase, and find a solution to your organization’s problem sooner than later. You should hire a consultant when you’ve tried several things on your own, but you still have the problem.

How it Works

We start by asking these key questions:

  • How do you want your organization to be different?
  • What it will take to make it happen?

Once the issues and events are defined, Dr. Dan helps your organization:

  • Envision your future without today’s problems
  • Identify and do more of what is already working
  • Identify what doesn’t work and focus on doing less of it
  • Identify solutions that will remove the barriers to achieving your goals

The emphasis is on the future, not the past. Dr. Dan believes that every organization has strengths. The organization learns to build on these strengths, which form the basis for ongoing change. Rather than searching for the causes of the problem, the focus is on defining the problem, defining the changes and making them a reality.

Dr. Dan works with your organization to create a detailed picture of what it will be like when the vision is in place. It is important to develop a set of specific, detailed goals. These goals drive the consultation process and keep it focused and efficient. This creates a feeling of hope, and makes the solution seem possible.

In The Miracle Method, authors Scott D. Miller and Insoo Kim Berg describe how to create solutions with these steps:

  • State your desire for something in your organization to be different.
  • Envision that a miracle happens and your organization is different.
  • Make sure the miracle is important to you.
  • Keep the miracle small.
  • Define the change with language that is positive, specific, concrete, and behavioral.
  • State how you will start your journey rather than how you will end it.
  • Be clear about who, where, and when, but not why.