Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach


Everyone experiences some mild to moderate levels of issues during life. However, if you still are experiencing distress that persists from moderate to severe after you have tried to cope, and these issues continue to affect your life, relationships, roles, and work; it is time to talk with a professional. The following conditions or situations are widely experienced and may indicate the need for professional counseling.


  1. You feel unhappy most of the time.
  2. You feel lonely and isolated.
  3. You have a hard time concentrating.
  4. You feel extremely sad and helpless.
  5. You are experiencing apathy and lack of interest in things
  6. You are having a hard time functioning from day to day.
  7. Your emotional state is affecting your daily life: your sleep, eating habits, school, job, and relationships.


  1. You worry all the time and are unable to find the solutions to your problems.
  2. You feel nervous, anxious, and worried most of the time.
  3. You have panic attacks.

Anger and Guilt

  1. You often feel afraid, angry, or guilty.
  2. You have difficulty controlling your temper and outbursts or anger.
  3. Your behavior is harmful to yourself or to others.
  4. You are the victim of sexual abuse or domestic violence.
  5. You are feeling impatient and angry with someone you are taking care of.

Personality,  Life Skills, or Transition Issues

  1. You have difficulty recognizing and expressing emotions appropriately
  2. You have a hard time being able to feel close to others.
  3. You have difficulty setting and reaching goals.
  4. You are having a hard time coping with change.
  5. You have difficulty adjusting to major life stresses.
  6. You are experiencing a lack of self confidence and feel bad about yourself.
  7. You have a hard time being realistic about yourself or others.
  8. You have a hard time developing independence and autonomy.
  9. You are having difficulty with the transitions of retirement.
  10. You are unsatisfied with your life.                   

Marriage and Family

  1. You are planning to marry, and you have some concerns.
  2. You are experiencing a divorce or marital separation.
  3. You have gotten a divorce and your family needs help adjusting.
  4. You are part of a blended family and need help learning to live together.
  5. You have a hard time talking with your partner, children, parents, family members, friends, or coworkers.
  6. You are having issues with communication and conflict resolution.
  7. Your family has a lot of conflict and tension
  8. You are experiencing problems in a sexual relationship.
  9. You or your partner is having an affair.
  10. Your child is having problems with behavior or school performance.
  11. You are having problems with your family members or in other important relationships.
  12. Your family is stressed because someone is ill.

Food and Substance Issues

  1. You have an eating disorder.
  2. You or someone you care about has problems with substance abuse or other addictions.
  3. You have a substance use or abuse problems with alcohol, drugs, work or sex.

Grief and Loss

  1. You or someone you love has a serious illness and you are having a hard time with it.
  2. You are having trouble getting over the death of someone you loved.