Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Career Coaching

Combining Career Assessments with Coaching is helpful for individuals looking for career direction or career transition. Whenever we are in a transition period, we can be in a state of turmoil and in need of a new direction. These assessments are for students wanting more clarification to choose further education, workers who are downsized, and those who are unsatisfied or burned-out with their current careers or are going through a transition.

Dr. Dan Trathen provides career services for individuals ages 14 and above. All of us work hard to create our life and earn a living. Dr. Dan Trathen wants to help you succeed, achieve your goals, and experience your greatest potential through assessments and coaching.

A parent of a high school or college student may want to have their child tested:

  • To see what abilities the student has and how those might be translated into possible career possibilities
  • If there is a lack of direction
  • If their child is unable to decide on a major
  • When there is dissatisfaction with college or high school classes
  • To have better clarity regarding choosing a college

Career Coaching

Dr. Dan Trathen also provides career coaching services. Coaching is used by people who want to enhance their lives. Coaching can differ from psychotherapy in that it is more growth-oriented and helps people move forward with their lives or deal with present issues. Coaching can also be done by telephone or through our secure video conferencing. The video conferencing can be done right from your home using your computer.

The first step is to take the Career Baseline Packages, and then receive reports and feedback by Dr. Dan in person, or by using our HIPAA compliant video conferencing.  Many clients choose to start with individual coaching to work on individual goals and strategies. Career Coaching is also provided for people who do not want to take assessments, but want to make life or career changes.

Sample topics to explore and process in Career Coaching are:

  • Understanding of abilities for career redirection, change, retiring
  • Choosing a match in colleges and vocational training
  • Making changes, seeking job leads, starting a new business
  • Developing and implementing an individualized strategy to meet your life goals and aspirations
  • Being held accountable for reaching goals
  • Meeting weekly or bimonthly with sessions on phone or in person
  • Finding what it takes to lead a balanced life that will give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction

Some potential benefits of Career Coaching:

  • Clarity of your personal and career goals
  • Having Someone to ask you the right questions
  • Having accountability and a support system to help make changes
  • Engaging in a growing process that will give you lifetime benefits