Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach


“I find the greatest thing in this world, not so much where we stand as in which direction we are moving. To reach the port of heaven, we must sail, sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we sail and not drift, nor live at anchor.”
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

There are no great people – just circumstances that ordinary people are forced to meet. J. Oswald Sanders said, “To lead others, one must be the master of oneself.”

Understanding where we are and where we are going, then setting a course for personal and professional development is one key to successful living. Our individual coaching program is appropriate for individual adults, couples, and executives.

The Process

Our individual coaching process consists of five steps. The five steps include personality assessment, review of personal history, designing a professional development plan, designing a personal development plan, and ongoing coaching.

1. Personality Assessment: This is useful for gaining an objective view of an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and relationship patterns. Dr. Dan Trathen uses a Personal Baseline Package as coaching assessment tools that measure your personality Type and Temperament.

2. Personal History: In this step, we summarize what is important to who you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. A Biopsychosocial and Family History Questionnaire are used to observe personal and relationship patterns. Once this assessment is completed the person will receive feedback on their strengths and potential growth areas.

3. Professional Development Plan: This plan is developed by both the individual, and their coach. It is based on the person’s current job description, and their vision and goals for their career, including education. It may also include strengths and limitations identified by significant others in their life and by the personality assessments.

4. Personal Development Plan: This plan is also mutually developed, and lays out action steps for each aspect of the individual’s personal life: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, financial, leisure, health, and relationships including marriage, family, friendships, and neighbors.

5. Coaching along the Journey to Growth: After the initial plans are complete, coaching is available in person, by telephone or through our HIPAA compliant video conferencing. The coaching process supports, encourages, and provides accountability for the individual’s professional and personal development.