Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Opportunities are Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

A farmer who neglects to plant in the spring can never recover that lost opportunity. Many of us only realize too late that youth is a seeding time, and if this season of life is allowed to pass without sewing good seed, then weeds will take over and choke the soil. It takes a lot of energy to pull weeds and replant the patches in our life.


D. L. Moody described the nature of opportunity this way. “A Sculptor once showed a visitor his studio. It was full of statues of gods. One was very curious. The face was concealed by being covered with hair, and there were wings on each foot. “What is his name?’ said the visitor. ‘Opportunity,’ was the reply. ‘Why is his face hidden?’ ‘Because men seldom know him when he comes to them. ‘Why has he wings on his feet?’ ‘Because he is soon gone, and once gone can never be overtaken.’”

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