Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Opportunity Starts with Planting a Seed Today

It is the responsibility of each of us to make the most of opportunities. Our future rests as a unfinished sculpture before us. We can sow for a good harvest or sacrifice our future to the passing enjoyments of the present moment. If we sacrifice our future we fail or neglect to recognize the dependence of our future upon the present. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “There is a crisis in every battle–ten or fifteen minutes—on which the issue of the battle depends. To gain this is victory; lose it is defeat.”


While doing research for this article I came across this old poem. The English may be a bite archaic to us, however, the message is timeless.


Yesterday, I dreamed of tomorrow:

In it I saw completion of little tasks;

Little duties, needing but an idle minutes’ gift of time.


I listened, in this dream of mine,

And I heard the sweet piping of tree-top carolers

Piping music grand enough

To make these routine cares, a joy.


And also, in this dream of mine,

I felt the peace of work well done,

Accomplished in those fleeting moments

When hand and heart were stirred by garden harmony.


My dream of yesterday faded:

‘Twas then I realized, and knew,

That yesterday’s tomorrow was today,

And I, this hour, could make my dream come true.

W. Audrey P. Good


Whatever the opportunity you are faced with today: a better attitude, seeking forgiveness, a more loving relationship, doing what’s right, acting on your morals or values, being true to good character, or seeking a career, think about the future and what you want the outcome to be and grasp the opportunity.



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