Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Parents Planning to Adopt

Whether you are foster parents or parents wanting to adopt, the adoption process can be a journey with a joyful outcome. As a part of the process, many countries and agencies are requiring couples to have different requirements from a full personality and couple assessment to a partial assessment. They are seeking a report documenting a couples readiness and ability to cope with a new child. They also want to know how the parents and family will adjust to the addition of an adopted child and the potential challenges of a child from another culture. These requirements can be unnerving for some; however, the assessment process can also be a great opportunity to better understand yourself and your relationships of marriage and parenting. They can provide increased clarity and affirmation of strengths and limitations of each parent and the marriage and family. Along with clear feedback Dr. Dan provides helpful information so you as the adopting parent can enhance your passion for an adopted child with being intentional and proactive on what needs to be done before the process is complete. Dr. Dan can also discuss with the couple a strategy and plan to ensure you continue to provide the very best for your marriage and your new blended family.

Dr. Dan has been conducting these assessments for over 38 years and has extensive experience in areas of individual, marriage, family assessments and counseling. As a part of the adoption process your agency will inform you of their assessment requirements. Please visit his assessment link for more information and contact Dr. Dan for your adoption assessment needs. May your adoption journey be a joyful one as well as a personal growth experience. You new children deserve nothing less.