Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Sex Gone Wild

The fifth is distorting sex. We think of sex as duty or as dirty and use it as a reward or as a punishment. We expect a perfect sexual response, or become inconsiderate and crude with one another and never share tenderness or emotional intimacy without intercourse.

These five negative patterns are signs of erosion in marriage. By themselves they can cause tremendous damage in a relationship, however, they rarely manifest themselves one at a time. Many couples experience several of these patterns on a daily basis and they become huge storms in their relationship causing further erosion and distress. What may seem like a mud slide that happens all of a sudden is only the result of years of these negative patterns of relating. It doesn’t take many years before the foundation of marriage is damaged and in need of major repair. If after reading this column you find your relationship suffering from at least one of these five patterns of erosion, you might consider calling a marriage counselor. You may be experiencing marital problems and need solutions to help weather these storms.

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