Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

The Power of Perception

Any person can become a success.  They can become as successful, happy, or as educated and wise as they want, no matter how difficult their start.  I speak from experience.  It began my educational career in High School in a hole and proceeded to dig it deeper.  Even though there are many tools in my tool shed of life, I only knew how to use a shovel.  My view of where I was headed was dependent on what I believed about myself.   The hole kept getting deeper and deeper.  I seemed like the harder I tried, the “behinder” I got.  My perception of myself was clouded by experiences I had interpreted as failures.  I had no direction or goals in life and found myself circling the disappointments with self-doubt and poor self-esteem.  Every time I’d complete this cycle, my confidence was reduced even further.  I was programming myself with negative thinking.  I had a mental virus.  Then I discovered that to be a success, I had to program myself for it.  I could use the same mental processes that I had been using against myself, but rather than passively allow myself to feel bad, I could intentionally use them to program myself positively for action.  

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