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Ways Parents Interfere With a Child's Grief

Ways Parents Interfere With a Child’s Grief

1.  The parents’ own inability to grieve.
2.  The parents’ inability to tolerate the pain of the child and to allow him to mourn (such as denying the child’s feelings and expression).
3.  The child’s fear about the parents’ vulnerability and his desire to protect the parent.
4.  The child’s concern for his own security, which can take away time and energy to do his own grieving.
5.  The lack of security of a stable caring environment.
6.  The lack of a caring and emotionally stable adult who can encourage and support the grief.
7.  The child’s confusion about the death and any part the child believes they are involved with.
8.  Ambivalence or mixed feelings toward the victim.
9.  Unchallenged “magical” thinking.
10.  Lack of opportunities for the child to share his longings, feelings, and memories.
11.  Instability of family life after the loss.
12.  Any other significant losses occurring simultaneously with this loss of a family member.

Dr Dan Trathen is a minister, psychologist, international co-author, and national speaker. He lives in Colorado with his wife, children and grandchildren.

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