Dan Trathen DMin, PhD Clinical Psychologist & Certified Business & Life Coach

Wise Words Worth Living

I Can’t Get these Proverbs Out of My Mind


All of us have had teachers we remember for one reason or another.  I remember “Mrs. Proverbs”.  She would walk down the rows of chairs saying, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”, or “busy hands are happy hands”, or “a penny saved is a penny earned.”  It’s funny how certain people have an impact on us.  I have illustrated “Mrs. Proverbs” many times to my students and patients.  My Dad used to also repeat certain sayings like, “don’t count your chickens before they are hatched” and “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  C. S. Lewis so aptly put it, “no clever arrangement of bad eggs will make a good omelet.”  Most professions have a few “wise sayings” of their own, such as these dental word pictures, “be true to your teeth and they will be true to you”, or “only floss the teeth you want to keep.”  I’m sure that more than one of us was helped in a time of need through remembering wisdom spoken by a respected person.

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